Here are 10 little-known facts about the new Bentley Bentayga SUV.

10. First SUV

Walter Bentley founded his company, Bentley Motors Limited, in 1919 to build fast cars. They won LeMans in 1924, '27-'30, and again in 2003. The new Bentayga is their first SUV 100 years after the company started and, true to tradition, it debuted as the world's fastest SUV, electronically limited to 187 mph. [soliloquy id="125563"]

9. New V8 Option

For buyers who don't need twelve cylinders, the Bentayga V8 S was unveiled for the 2019 Model Year. Just like their other V8 models, it is easily distinguished by black grilles and a muscular exhaust note. The 4.0-liter twin turbo engine makes 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, which is distributed by the same AWD system as the W12 models.

8. Mulliner Edition

If you want your Bentayga to stand out from the crowd, Bentley's Mulliner division is ready to make your dreams a reality. HJ Mulliner was a custom coachbuilder at the turn of the last century. Their creations of leather and wood are coveted by collectors around the world. Bentleys featuring their work were such in demand, that Mulliner was brought in-house in 1959. [soliloquy id="105528"]

7. Fly Fishing

You don't need a beater truck to enjoy fishing. Bentley offers a bespoke Bentayga that is ready for the river. It arrives with four leather-lined rod holders and a burr walnut tackle box. If you enjoy making your own lures, and vise and tools are also along for the ride. [soliloquy id="117257"]

6. Falconry

If you prefer feathers instead of fish, the Bentayga Falconry is ready for your birds of prey. Artists at Mulliner created a desert motif for the dash using no less than 430 pieces of wood. Behind the second row of seats is a master flight station in piano black wood. Binoculars and a GPS tracker are stored alongside, and Bentley offers additional hoods and gauntlets for your animals.

5. Apple Watch Control

Most luxury cars have integration with your smartphone, but the Bentayga takes it to the next level. Owners of an Apple Watch can control the climate control, seat massages, and every aspect of the entertainment system.

4. Breitling Dash Clock

One of the more popular options in the Bentayga lineup has to be the Breitling Tourbillion timepiece. It is set into the dash and mounted into a winder to make sure you are always on time. The electric winder rotates it counterclockwise at regular intervals, and it is an elegant dance between the clock and the car. If you need more Breitling in your life, it will add $130,000 to the window sticker.

3. Offroad Ready

Automotive engineers have been pushing for 48-volt electrical systems for years. The Bentayga is among the first to utilize it in suspension control. It allows the triple-chamber air system to react faster than the competition, while also offering 9" of suspension travel when you hit the trails.

2. Naim Optional Sound

The Bentayga has triple sound insulation to give you a library-quiet ride. So if you want to enjoy the best audio ever offered in an SUV, the optional Naim system has a 21-channel amplifier rated at 1,920 watts. One subwoofer receives 300 watts, and the remainder is spread among 20 speakers that blanket the cockpit in reference-quality audio.

1. Tons Of Towing

The first Bentley to offer a receiver hitch, the Bentayga is rated to tow 7,716 lbs. So you can head to the lake with a boat that is equally as impressive as your car collection. The sight of a Bentley at your local home improvement store is enough to catch anyone's attention, but just imagine towing your Supersports to the track for a double dose of Bentley action.

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