Lamborghini is hard at work finalizing what looks like a brand-new Aventador variant. The Italian automaker hasn't made any mention of a new version of their flagship car, but this mystery Lamborghini was recently spotted during some test drives. Even while wearing a camouflage outfit, the new and extreme body styling is as clear as day.

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In the rear is a new wing, massive diffuser, and two exhaust pipes sticking out between the taillights. If this were a sign of anything, it would point towards the most powerful Aventador we've seen yet. The front of the new Aventador has also been modified with a new front fascia that looks to provide more front-end aero components. Another little bit I noticed was that the iconic side vents look to be a bit larger and have a slightly different shape to them. Also, the new engine bay cover looks very similar to one Lamborghini picked out for their Veneno hypercar. As I stated before, Lamborghini has been quiet about a new Lamborghini Aventador, so there's no definitive information as of yet. Many are hinting at a possible Aventador Jota or Aventador GT. We'll just have to wait and see! Could we see it at Geneva at the beginning of March? Hopefully. Leave your thoughts about the new car in the comment section below!

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