Knowing someone that has been diagnosed with cancer leaves you wondering what you can do to help. Unfortunately, you can't cure them but there are plenty of things each person can do to help out someone close to you in a time of need. For Brett David, owner and CEO of Prestige Imports, he likes to put smiles on the faces of those battling through some of the toughest fights humans can face. Recently, Brett visited Angelo Almonte at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a unique form of cancer. When visiting, he brought along a new 2018 Lamborghini Huracan because Angelo is actually a huge car fan. But he didn't just let him check out the car. Instead, Angelo sat in the driver's seat, gave the supercar some hearty revs and was taken out for some exciting drives around the streets.
This experience was put on by Ride2Revive, an organization founded by brother and sister team Brett and Brooke David. Their goal is to share the exotic supercar world with children who are undergoing medical treatment for life-threatening illnesses. This is a perfect example of how everyone has means to assist those in need, but we can all help in different ways. For Brett, he's an expert in the automotive industry and has access to just about any exotic car out there. His form of assistance is putting smiles on children's faces by way of supercars and creating experiences that they will always remember. If you're interested in how you can be a part of Ride2Revive, visit for more information.

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