Restoring a classic can be painful when it comes to replacement parts. The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is one of the most iconic automobiles ever made, which is why they deserve the best when it comes to parts. Obviously, your local dealer hasn't had anything on the shelf since 1957, so a press release last night outlines a series of new parts for the classic W198 chassis "Gullwing" SL.
My background is in the restoration parts business, and my former employer thought his formula for American parts would work well for German cars. Well, the problem is that German car owners and their repair shops are a bit more demanding when it comes to quality. That is why Mercedes-Benz has stepped up and allowed the construction of highly specialized tooling for the 300 SL. The entire car was 3D scanned inside and out, and the new parts were made in VR before the first panel was stamped. The press release includes the first six parts, along with their prices:
  • Front panelling left (A198 620 03 09 40), 11,900 euros
  • Front panelling right (A198 620 04 09 40), 11,900 euros
  • Rear panelling left (A198 640 01 09 40), 14,875 euros
  • Rear panelling right (A198 640 02 09 40), 14,875 euros
  • Rear-end center section (A198 647 00 09 40), 2,975 euros
  • Rear-end floor (A198 640 00 61 40), 8,925 euros
These sheet metal parts come out of the press ready to go, but in keeping with tradition, they are hammered with wood mallets over a die to ensure an exact fit. These six parts are just the first in a series of classic SL parts, so if you need guidance on your restoration please call our friends at Gullwing Motor Cars for more info.You won't find attention to detail like this anywhere in the restoration industry, so we hope other manufacturers will follow suit. If you have been dreaming of a classic SL, click the link below and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz updates.

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