When Aston Martin and Triton Submarines announced Project Neptune seven months ago, most assumed that it would just be a concept. You know, because why would Aston Martin create a submarine? Well... why wouldn't they when they have a partner like Triton? Aston Martin has announced they are indeed going to produced Project Neptune and have actually already starting created the first production model. Since they announced the submersible, the two companies have been working on finalizing the design. According to Aston Martin: "For a vehicle to wear the iconic Aston Martin wings, it must be equipped with all the performance, beauty and elegance one has come to expect from the British marque."
Along with the announcement of production, there were some details released regarding the sub. As for depth, it can dive up to 500 meters and can carry two passengers and a pilot. If you're looking to reach the speeds of a Valkyrie hypercar underneath the water, forget about it because you'll only be zooming underwater at speeds in excess of five knots. Funny enough, that's four times the acceleration of Triton's flagship sub model.
“The exterior design of Project Neptune owes a lot to the pursuit of performance," said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin EVP and Chief Creative Officer. "As with the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the hyper-car we are developing with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, we have afforded as much attention to the hydrodynamics of the underside as we have the visible surfaces. Some of that detail may never be seen, but its effect will certainly be felt.
Interested? Aston Martin and Triton Submarines will meet with prospective buyers at this week's LYBRA Superyacht Show in Barcelona, Spain.