Drag racing is not an inexpensive sport. Chasing a faster time can cost a boatload of money and many late nights. For those who are looking for a solid starting point, the Nissan GT-R has been the choice for many quarter-mile racers.

Why You Should Buy A Nissan GT-R

Alpha Logic is an aftermarket shop based in Dubai. Being the exclusive distributor of AMS Performance, they cater to Nissan owners from around the Middle East. Their most sensational build is known as the Panda, thanks to its unique color scheme. With massive turbos poking through the front bumper, we're not sure if it is street legal anywhere. It was built for one purpose, set a new quarter-mile record for the GT-R. The front stretch of the Bahrain International Circuit makes for a nice drag strip, along with a staging area along pit road. The time slip shows a trap speed of 212 mph, so take a look at the ET and say hello to the new record holder.

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