Bodo Buschmann, the founder of BRABUS has just recently passed away. He started BRABUS in a small garage with the goal of transforming production cars and trucks into powerhouses. Nothing was too sacred to leave in stock form, not even the rarest Mercedes-AMG models. In keeping with his love for power and performance, the 550 Adventure 4x4² is ready for any situation. As one of the final builds he was able to oversee, no expense was spared in design or execution. Starting with the already potent G550 4x4², the transformation begins with forged 18" one-piece wheels. Thanks to careful engineering, each wheel only weighs 33.9 lbs, with the combined wheel/tire package saving 33 lbs at each corner. These are wrapped in 37"x12.50" rubber, and you can choose between street-friendly or mud-slinging tread patterns.
The real secret sauce is in the suspension. Mercedes-AMG shocked the world by using portal axles under the G Wagen. Sure they have decent shocks, but you have to climb under to make adjustments. This is where the BRABUS Touchpad Controller comes in. The BRABUS suspension is not only adjustable from inside, you can control front and rear axles independently. This is something never offered in production or in the aftermarket, and it is just one of the ways BRABUS stays at the cutting edge.
The controller also integrates auxiliary lighting.Two carbon fiber fairings on the front house several high output LEDs, and the rear corners of the roof have power-adjustable searchlights. Headlights and taillights are protected by welded wire mesh, and every piece of chrome has been backed out. An instant blackout is proved by one button that kills all interior and exterior lights. Snorkels of carbon fiber rise along the A-pillars, increasing the water fording depth to new levels.
Of course, all of these upgrades would be worthless without more power, so the stock turbos had to go. In their place are bigger units with more robust bearings. The BRABUS 550 Adventure 4x4² arrives with 128 additional horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. A total of 543 hp and 590 lb-ft will be at your command, with full torque between 2,500 and 4,750 rpm. You will be at 62 mph in 6.7 seconds, not bad for a 3-ton body-on-frame SUV. Everything is backed by the BRABUS 3 year/62,000 mile warranty and the components are also available separately. We think Mr. Buschmann would be proud of his son Constantin and all of his employees who build the best upgrades in the aftermarket. Click the link below for more details and stay with us for all your BRABUS updates.