The Aston Martin DBS is being revived in a big way. The English automaker has teased the upcoming DBS Superleggera as part of the "brand’s ambitions to replace each of its existing two-door sportscar models as part of its Second Century Plan.” Not a long of information has been released regarding the DBS Superleggera, but AutomotiveMike seems to have captured the car on film. During Industry Pool, he filmed the DBS Superleggera flying by and the sound of the twin-turbo V12 sounds downright fierce. As for its looks, the car spotted at the 'Ring isn't under heavy camo so we get a good idea of what it will look like when it's revealed. The only little bit of camo that you'll notice on the car is found on the hood where two vents would possibly be. Click play on the video below to hear and see Aston Martin's upcoming supercar for yourself.