It is with a heavy heart that we have learned our friend and client Bodo Buschmann has passed away. An inspiration to many, his cars have been a fixture in our magazine since day one. BRABUS is a combination of his last name along with the other co-founder, his friend Klaus Brackman. Bodo's visions for performance and styling were too extreme for Klaus, and he sold his half of the company to his partner for the equivalent of 100 euros.
What began in a small garage in 1977 has become a powerhouse in the aftermarket world. Something about the way he could see a finished product before the project began, it is a sign of a true artist. That is why Brabus expanded into high-end boat customization, BRABUS Aviation for private jets, and STARTECH for the ultimate Jaguar/Land Rover parts. The big manufacturers realized how well BRABUS cars were assembled, so BRABUS CRD (Car Research & Development) was established for OEM projects.
His obituary is a tough way to start the weekend, but we take solace in knowing he genuinely loved what he did. His son Constantin, formerly the Chief Marketing Officer, is now in charge. Our deepest condolences to him and the Buschmann family. If you happen to own any of his creations, share your love of his builds in the comments below.

Bodo Buschmann August 27, 1955 – April 26, 2018

Goodbye Herr Buschmann