DS Automobiles has just debuted a new hypercar that looks straight out of the future, the X E-TENSE. Those living in America may not be very familiar with DS Automobiles. That's because they started off as a premium sub-branch of Citroën that's fairly new, having been a stand-alone brand only since 2014. But now, they're going into the hypercar market with this new X E-TENSE.

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DS Automobile describes the car as looking like it came straight out of 2035 and I think they're spot on. In fact, the reason this car was designed was because of a team at that sought see how their cars would look in the not-so-distant future. The result is an avant-garde hypercar that's unlike anything we've seen before. Definitely, the most interesting design aspect of the car has to be the asymmetrical design of the body and placement of the seats. But if you think this is a barebones hypercar, I should mention that it as massaging seats.

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Sure, it looks fast, but does it have the power? Of course it does. Powering the car is an electric drivetrain that can be rated from 540 horsepower to 1,360 horsepower depending on which mode it's in. Those are numbers you'd expect from a hypercar for sure. There's no known plan for this car to be produced, but it's an interesting look into DS Automobiles' future.