Texting while driving is a great way to destroy your car, and possibly your life. The only group that profits from it are funeral homes and junkyards. So Volkswagen has introduced a brilliant reminder to leave your phone alone. The idea came from VW of Sweden, and it will hopefully be available at your local dealer soon. It is an iPhone 8 case made from the sheet metal of wrecked cars. Not just any cars, they only use cars that were destroyed in texting accidents. Here in Florida, texting accounts for a huge number of totaled cars so it would be nice to see them used as reminders. Sweden outlawed phone use while driving, and many states also have similar laws on the books. Only 153 cases will be made in the first production run after many drivers get cash for junk cars in order for the cases to be made. Each one came from a brutal accident during the first month Sweden's new laws went into effect. They are priced at 599 Crowns ($69) and are available at VW of Stockholm, or in the link below. Please don't text and drive, and have a great weekend!

Crashed Cases.com