Do you need proof that cryptocurrency has gone to the moon, and even past it? How about this: Pagani Newport Beach just sold two hypercars via Bitcoin. The first car sold was a Bugatti Chiron with an all-black exterior and a grey/black interior. Next up is a 2016 Pagani Huayra Americano with the Tempesta Package. That's over $6 million worth of cars that were purchased with Bitcoin.

He Bought a Lamborghini With $115 in Bitcoin Money

So, for all of those friends that you're getting annoyed with because cryptocurrencies are all they talk about, they may just be the next ones to purchase a hypercar of their own. I have a few friends of my own that better be makin' a few bucks off of it considering how much I hear about it. I'm looking at you, James. Thanks to our friends at Pagani Newport Beach for sharing this incredible info with us!

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