The Revology 1966 Shelby GT350

Determining the future value of a used reproduction original Ford Mustang, such as that made by Revology Cars, hinges on several key factors, say the experts. “It’s a question of overall public acceptance,” says Dave Kinney, publisher of the Hagerty Price Guide, which tracks collector car values. “This kind of car appeals to a whole new generation of buyers, even Gen Xers. They are much happier driving a car with proper seat belts and brakes.” Kinney’s point is echoed by Keith Martin, publisher of Sports Car Market magazine. “Old cars are increasingly unsuitable for the modern driving environment. Every car on the road today stops better than any car from the ‘60s.” Martin says that owners of Ferrari racecars are having exact replicas made because they don’t want to risk the original cars on the track. “People want the looks of an old car, but the driving character of a new car.
So these reproduction cars would appeal more to younger buyers, who don’t have the fascination with the original cars, and are more concerned with modern conveniences.” As such, Martin says that while there will be some depreciation with a used reproduction car, “it will not be as steep as a new car, because for one thing, these cars are not going to be superseded by a new generation as with a new car.” Another point, says Kinney, is that used values will depend a lot on the reputation, engineering resources and build quality of the manufacturer. “With a backyard project resto-mod, you don’t know how good the engineering and build quality is, versus a properly developed and tested vehicle. It will be easier to resell a car whose manufacturer has a known reputation for quality. “ Tom Scarpello, CEO of Revology Cars, says that since the first cars were displayed, the company has developed a strong reputation for quality and engineering expertise. “Revology is a low volume vehicle manufacturer,” notes Scarpello. “We are not a restoration shop. Revology is the first and currently only company licensed by Ford to build new reproduction Ford automobiles. It is also one of only four companies worldwide licensed by Shelby American to build reproduction Shelby Mustang automobiles" Scarpello questions the conventional logic that Shelby prices will continue to rise. “Shelby and muscle car prices, in general, have risen due to the Baby Boom generation reaching their peak earning years. What happens when the Baby Boomers aren’t driving anymore, and start selling off their collections?” In Scarpello’s view, the most important factor that determines the resale value of any car is supply and demand. “Since we launched Revology four years ago, we have always had an order backlog, and we have always built to order. The only time we had a completed vehicle available for sale was when a client had to cancel his contract for health reasons. We sold his car within a week." "Our cars are individually numbered and listed in our Registry. We document fully each and every Revology Mustang and Shelby GT produced, thus ensuring authenticity."

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