The House of Rolls-Royce has been responsible for many stunning models over the past few years. By far the most popular have been the Black Badge editions, so now they have taken that theme even darker. A press release this morning says "Adamas" in Latin means an imaginary stone of incredible hardness. Something untameable and with the physical traits of a diamond.
CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said: "Adamas is a Collection that fuses the extraordinary competence of our Bespoke craftspeople from the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, with the rebellious spirit of Black Badge. The result is a motor car for those who seek more than the definitive of engineered luxury conveyance. This is a motor car for the risk-taker who is not afraid to embrace a bold and progressive statement of true and modern luxury, in its darkest form.”
Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn & Wraith
Starting at the most prominent feature, the Spirit of Ecstasy has lost her Sterling silver attire. She now rises from the black chrome grille as 294 layers of aerospace carbon fiber. Not just any hand-laid process would suffice, so she takes 68 hours to be woven at precisely 25 degrees. She stands on a titanium base that has been vapor-blasted to a dark motif.
Rolls-Royce Black Badge Dawn & Wraith
On the inside, you will instantly be drawn to the clock. It features 88 black diamonds to form the infinity symbol, machined aluminum accents and it is mounted in a carbon fiber back plate. Look up and you will see 1,340 fiber optic lights, configured as the molecular structure of carbon as it is arranged inside a pure diamond. For the first time, the starlight headliner is color-coordinated to the interior.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV Shown in Action for First Time

The first black-badge cars to have color choices, the two versions are Aphrodite Red over Black and Morpheus Blue over Black two-tone. Only 40 examples of the Wraith and 30 of the Dawn will be produced, so click the link below to find our dealer nearest you and they will have all the details. Stay with us for all your Rolls-Royce news.

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