We've shown you several flavors of the new Bugatti Chiron. If you are reading this, you probably know the major details, but some of the most amazing attributes are often overshadowed. So here are our top 10 facts that will blow your mind.

10. Got Boost?

Turbo lag is something nobody likes to acknowledge. The Veyron arrived with 4 equally sized turbos that added up to the equivalent of epic size. The only problem with epic turbochargers is that it takes time to spool them up. So taking a page from the past, the Chiron makes use of a sequential design. Two smaller turbos make boost at low speeds and feed two massive ones for high rpm boost.

9. Top Speed

It took some fine tuning and aerodynamic upgrades to create the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. As the ultimate evolution, it had a blistering top speed of 254.04 mph. Taking the lessons learned in their top speed record attempts, the Chiron arrives with a top speed of 261. Your insurance company might adjust your premiums...The normal key is limited to 236, so don't forget the speed key for your daily commuting.

2018 Bugatti Chiron Review

8. Tire Technology

Unlike the Veyron, you won't be paying $30,000 for tires. Instead of the proprietary design used in the predecessor, the Chiron uses a more traditional wheel & tire mounting. The Veyron's rubber can't be attached with normal methods, and new wheels are required after 3 sets of rubber. For the new car, Michelin worked with the factory to deliver 285/30/20 on the front and 335/25/21 for the rear. This will give you a few options if you don't plan on land speed racing.

7. Power At Any RPM

The first modern Bugatti made maximum torque once the turbos were spooled up. It was a gradual curve like most other supercars, but the Chiron needed something more. The sequential turbos mentioned above allow the new car to make maximum torque of 1,180 lb-ft at only 2,000 rpm! And it stays there all the way to 6,000 rpm. Oh, and it also has 1,500 horsepower at 6,700, can you tame it?

6. Limited Production

Get yours before they're gone. Each Chiron is built by hand in a dedicated factory. Every aspect of the car represents years of engineering, so Bugatti is only building 500 examples.

5. Deep Breaths

With the gas pedal reaches the floor, the Chiron is inhaling 2,118 cubic feet of air per minute. That is 2.5 times more than a 1967 Corvette L88. It also equals 15,843 gallons crammed into 8 liters of space by 16 angry pistons!

4. Clean Exhaust

Every car is required to have a catalytic converter in the exhaust. They are filters used to reduce nitrogen-oxides from reaching the tailpipes. Your car probably has one, so the Chiron has 6. The honeycomb of rare metals is used to burn off the harmful oxides, and each car has 2,478,562 square feet of the catalyst material. Combined, the cats have an area equivalent to 24 home improvement stores.

3. Tuned Tweeters

If you need the ultimate in factory audio, each of the Chiron's four tweeters is capped by a one-carat diamond.  Not just for bragging rights, the precious stones offer clean highs without distortion.

2. Cargo Space

Every time I leave my Veyron in long-term parking, my only wish is that it had room for my luggage. Bugatti must have heard my cries, so the Chiron arrives with enough room for a small rolling bag. Make sure your dealer opts for the matching luggage. The leather set is designed to optimize the front storage area.

1. High In Fiber

The factory claims the Chiron's carbon fiber body is more rigid than most race cars. That is because it is formed and baked as one piece in a giant autoclave. So in theory, if you pulled one strand of the fiber it could unravel the car. But the length of this strand is equal to nine trips to the moon. That is why the Chiron is a mic-drop to every other car. The engineering is orders of magnitude ahead of anything else on the road, and that is why you need one.

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