Turning lemons into lemonade isn't easy in the automotive world. But taking a glance back through the history of this magazine, one name is synonymous with turning coal into diamonds. Steve Saleen and company have built mean Mustang Saleens and powerful Ford products, which culminated in the S7 Twin Turbo supercar. It was the first car of his own design, and we've patiently waited for a successor.

Saleen to Produce Seven Limited Edition S7's

Yesterday at the LA Auto Show, he took the wraps off the new Saleen 1. It began in Germany as the Artega GT, but the materials and powertrain proved to be obsolete. So working with Chinese industrialists, Saleen redesigned almost every component. The press release states that production will take place in California, with horsepower advertised at 450. Expect to learn more details here as they get ready for launch, so watch the unveiling below and stay with us for all your Saleen updates