Recently, at the Monza Circuit, there was a brutal Ferrari FXX Evoluzione crash that left the race car completely disabled. YouTube channel 19Bozzy92 is always at the hot spots in Europe and was recently at the Monza Circuit capturing the sights and sounds when tragedy struck. The FXX Evo he had been filming earlier was racing around the wet circuit when the driver's brakes locked up right before a chicane. This caused the Ferrari to slide across the track and slam right into the barrier. Thankfully, the driver was okay, but the car had to be towed off of the track as it was most definitely undrivable. Here's 19Bozzy92's account of what happened: "Since I had my camcorder in "stand-by" mode I missed to record the very first part of the crash. So here you are a little of explanation of what I've seen: Driver was on his first fast lap (he did just a warm-up lap before). Track was both wet and humid depending on the location. I saw him coming at full speed from the main straight and braking between the 250-200 meters spot (braking point when the track is dry) before the first chicane so speeds for the FXX should be higher than 270 km/h in those conditions. As soon as he pressed the brakes all the 4 wheels blocked and the car started to slide on the track without decelerating at all. 150mt before Turn 1 it started pointing towards the concrete wall on the right, start sliding on the wet grass (even more slippery), cutting the first chicane and then you can see the rest from my video. Don't want to blame the driver but I was thinking a not proper warmed tires and the wet track plus braking a bit too late with those conditions could be the main cause but it may have been a brakes problem, don't really know."