"What if Tesla created another Roadster? How fast would it be?" I've asked myself that question before and now I can finally answer it. Elon Musk has announced a new generation of the Tesla Roadster, one that will be the fastest production car in the entire world. The new Roadster comes with a new design and a power pack that consists of a 200 kWh lithium-ion battery pack capable of 620 miles worth of range. Sure, I could talk about the new style, but it truly speaks for itself. What I will talk about is how mind-numbingly fast the new Roadster is.

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With two electric motors up front and one in the rear, the Roadster comes with all-wheel drive. The amount of power being provided to all four wheels is where this car becomes absurd: 7,375.6 lb-ft of torque. No, that's not a typo. Seven thousand three hundred and seventy-five. That is enough power to rocket the small Roadster from 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Don't believe me? Check out the clip below.

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That's not a small remote-controlled car, that's the new Tesla Roadster showing off that it's the real deal. Going even further down into the rabbit hole of absurdity, the Roadster is stated to be able to squash the Dodge Demon's quarter-mile time by running it in 8.8 seconds. "Well, yeah, it's quick, but it surely can't have a high top speed." That's where you're wrong, thoughts inside of my brain when I was learning about this car this morning. Tesla is putting the Roadster's top speed at over 250 mph.
All of these numbers point to a hypercar worth well over one million dollars, right? Again, Tesla is completely screwing with my brain because you can get all of these performance figures for a base price of $200,000. Want one? You better put down a reservation payment of $50,000. You can also opt for one of the 1,000 the Founders Series models ($250,000), which requires you to pay the full price for its reservation.