Illumination is a never-ending war between the luxury auto brands. Edison bulbs have been surpassed by advancements in LED technology. The puddle lamp is nothing new, but until now they have been reimagined by Mercedes-Benz. Spurred on by the successes of the lighted front star, they have released a new option for almost every model.

Say Goodbye: Mercedes-AMG Announces G65 Final Edition

The new LED provides a brilliant display of the AMG logo. Their engineering prowess is shown by the intake valve and the lobe of a camshaft. They were unveiled in a press release last night, stating they are available on everything from the A-Class to the GLS. It can be installed after purchase by a quick visit to your local dealer, so let's hope its backward-compatible with older models. Click on the link below to find a dealer near you and stay with us for all your AMG updates.

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