Looking back into their massive history, Marvel Studios is poised to release their 18th motion picture. Black Panther was introduced by Stan Lee back in 1966. The hero can be found alongside the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, so Lexus has decided to give him two new custom rides. In a press release this morning, we've learned he will receive a 2018 LC 500 Inspiration Series, along with a custom build inspired by the LC series. The first will be a limited production sports car for sale, and the latter will be a hero car for the film.

Are They Worthy of The Sultan of Brunei?

The "Inspiration Series" is something new from Lexus. Intended to be a limited production variant of each model, the LC will be the launch of the series. Only 100 cars are planned for production, with each one taking inspiration from the comic book. King T'Challa and his home country of Wakanda are embodied by 21" forged wheels, unique carbon fiber scuff plates, and the first application of "Structural Blue". Pioneered by parent company Toyota, the new paint contains no blue pigment. Some microscopic wizardry is used to create the same effect of 40 coats of normal paint. Pricing will be announced when production begins next year. [soliloquy id="122492"] The other car is the Black Panther Inspired LC. Following the story from the comics, it incorporates mythical "Vibranium" for added power and strength. An LED underglow mimicks the Vibranium effects on screen. The self-healing paint is infused with the wonder metal, emphasized in a wide body kit. The Wakandans developed a brain-computer interface that allows the car to be remotely controlled to keep the hero out of danger. Look for it on the big screen and the Inspiration Series LC 500 at your local Lexus dealer.

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