At the crossroads of time and money, you will find a quality watch. Enthusiasts are quick to spend a decent middle-income salary on the newest exotic timepiece. The battle for supremacy in the watch market created a void for car enthusiasts. People who can appreciate automobiles shouldn't have to take out a mortgage to afford a nice watch. This is why Six Speed Dials has arrived to fill in that space to provide high quality watches at an affordable price for all car enthusiasts.
British MK1- Shot By @jbh1126
It is easy to comprehend their inspiration when browsing through the world's best car magazine. The Stuttgart 991 is a spartan design based on the late model 991 series Porsche 911. Fans of British brands will take delight in the MK1. It mimics the gauges of a classic Jaguar E-Type with a tachometer red line between 4 and 5.
The Bavarian F8X borrows cues from the F80 M3/4. With blank areas for 5 and 7, it looks very similar to the layout of an M3 gauge cluster. The wild one is the Maranello F136, its name is from the engine code of the Ferrari 360, and the yellow face looks as bright as a Scuderia Shield.
All of the watch straps are made in the USA. The hypoallergenic leather is sourced from Rolls Royce through their watch strap supplier. If you want a watch as custom as your car, the bands are interchangeable to suit any occasion. Once the perfect watch is selected, customers can choose any strap in the lineup of a variety of leather and rubber straps. Six Speed Dials combine minimalist designs with more automotive influences than the expensive brands.  Inside each is a high-quality Japanese Miyota self-winding movement with 21 jewels. Best part? Each watch is backed by a 2-year warranty and a 90-day return and exchange policy.
The Bavarian F8X- Photography By @yasmadness
Selling directly to the consumer allows Six Speed Dials to offer a quality watch that would otherwise be $400 to $500. Cutting out the middleman saves time and money. The main goal for Six Speed Dials isn’t to build an exclusive brand with exclusive prices but to offer a high-quality accessory to each and every car enthusiast who like to show off their passion without breaking the bank and sacrificing on quality while still receiving an exclusive buying experience. If you need the perfect gift for the gearhead in your life or need the perfect automotive lifestyle accessory for yourself, click on the link below for more information.

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