Sometimes the best motivation is inspired by those who say "it is not possible". Engineers told General Chuck Yeager that airplanes would explode if they broke the sound barrier. Condescending male journalists told Nellie Bly she couldn't go "Around the World in 80 Days". So she did it in 72.
In an ever-escalating war of top speed, the automotive industry seems to think 300 miles per hour is not achievable with current technologies. Perhaps this is why Hennessey Performance uploaded an image of the upcoming Venom F5 next to a speed limit sign. Just like the people who told him the Venom GT wouldn't go 270 mph, it seems John Hennessey is looking to silence other top speed rumors coming from France.

Hennessey Calls Out Bugatti Chiron

The goal of the Venom F5 has been to build a street legal American car with 1500 horsepower. The engine will probably be a twin turbo Chevrolet V8, with some of the secret sauce from the Venom GT. To make it a reality, other patriotic brands have stepped up to help with development.  It will be formally revealed at SEMA on November 1st, so tune in to our Facebook Page for video and details. This doesn't mean the other projects are on hold, so check out the VelociRaptor 6x6 if you are in the market for a wild truck. Tell us what you think it will do, and stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance updates.