It's finally happening! After a quarter-century, Lamborghini will be back in the SUV business. In a press release last night, we have learned that December 4th will herald the arrival of the Urus SUV on sale in 2018. As the spiritual successor to the Rambo Lambo for sale, remembering the LM002 is essential to understand the motivation for the new model. It began with a request by the Italian armed forces for a homegrown off-road utility vehicle. The LM001 concept was known as "Cheetah", and used a rear-mounted V12. Troops and gear needed room, so the next few ideas moved the engine to the front and added triple Torsen differentials. What began as an idea in the 70's was launched in 1986 as the LM002. Only 300 examples were built in a production run that lasted until 1992.


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So your Lamborghini Dealership needs a Halo Car? Lamborghini doesn't need to call any attention to themselves, but the LM002 has been proven to be worthy of anyone's garage. The body is aluminum and fiberglass, and the V12 engine is the same Quattrovalvole example found in the Countach. We have been teased by rumors and renderings of the Urus for over a year. As the launch approaches, Lamborghini has given it a landing page and the hashtag #SinceWeMadeItPossible Whatever its final form, you can bet it will be impressive, and you will see it first here on Autofluence. Stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

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