Since beginning his racing career in 1988, Justin has achieved many significant racing accomplishments, including clinching the 1997 FIA GT2 World Championship, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998, second place finishes in Le Mans and Daytona, and a pair of SCCA Trans-Am wins on his way to becoming the 2001 Rookie of the Year. Perhaps Justin Bell’s fast wit was honed at 200 mph on the racetrack along with his racer’s reflexes. Offering exuberant insight behind the wheel and in front of the camera has become Justin’s trademark.
Justin Bell and his father Derek
How many hosts do you know of that can win a race and Webby award for outstanding work in a single outing? As fast on his feet as he is in a car, Justin has become a go to personality for live television work, lending his insight to over 100 hours of broadcast work each year for benchmark events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Barrett-Jackson Auctions. He’s also become a household name hosting Fox Sport’s ??Shut Up and Drive?? and World’s Fastest Car Show on Motor Trend. Being as creative as he is competitive, Justin also co-founded Bell & Ammo with Nicolai Iuul, a boutique production company based in Los Angeles that has gained a reputation for relevant and entertaining automotive content. Publisher’s Note: duPont REGISTRY is pleased to introduce our 2015 Exotic Cars Buyers Guide Editorial Director, Justin Bell. He brings a new and fresh perspective to our writing as he has sat in the driver’s seat of many of these luxury and exotic vehicles featured on our pages. Look for Justin’s signature on the articles he has contributed to this edition. Be sure to stay tuned to Autoflunce for teasers of next year's Exotic Car Buyers Guide.