The owner of this Lamborghini Centenario (@dan_am_i) has a collection that should be reckoned with. It includes multiple Paganis, a Bugatti Chiron, and so many more. Even though these cars may be parked in the owner's garage in great company, that doesn't stop him from taking that cars out for a romp around the streets.

In a new video from effspot, who uploaded a video of the Bugatti Chiron, the owner takes the Centenario out for a spin and trolls the camera car (a Jaguar F-TYPE SVR). Now, everyone knows that a Centenario would walk an F-TYPE SVR when it comes down to it, but that didn't stop the hypercar from toying with the English sports car. Check out the video to hear the Centenario's insane exhaust go wild. Also watch out for a little bit of NSFW language in the video.