Production of these instantly recognizable and effortlessly cool trucks was limited to just a few years in the USA, thus making them rare gems that are extremely sought after stateside. This demand has only increased following the finale production run early last year and it is fair to say that the Defender marque is now cemented in the history books and has a cult following. So what if you desire this icon but don't want to sacrifice the comfort or luxury you're accustomed to? Arkonik are the worlds leading independent Land Rover Defender specialists with ten years’ experience and more than 160 immaculately restored trucks imported into the USA to date.
Nestled in the English countryside, Land Rover motherland; each member of Arkonik's 50-strong team is well versed in the Defenders’ nuances and has a great respect and knowledge of the original icon, meaning their restoration is unrivaled in quality and authenticity. No Defender will leave their workshop until it is a world-class display of form and function.
With clients in North America and all over the world, Arkonik truly understands the intricacies of importation. Depending on your location, your Defender will be of a 15-25-year-old vintage, a fact you can stun your friends with as your ‘better-than-new’ Defender will look like it just rolled out of a showroom. Not only do they guarantee importation but Arkonik handles the entire process, delivering your Defender right to your doorstep, so you can focus on the more important things, like planning your first adventure! To commemorate this 10 year anniversary they are building five very special ‘Decade’ Edition Defender 110s, unveiled here for the first time.
Each build will be individually numbered and painted in a unique black and gold fleck with hand finished gold pin stripes down its flanks. The trademark Defender hinges have been accentuated in gold and this detail is continued on the bespoke alloy wheels, grille, badges and wing-top vents.
The interior echoes this dramatic presence with bespoke Ruskin Inside® upholstery highlighted by Recaro® Cross CS Sportster front heated seats covered in luxurious black leather with a gold stitch and complimentary fluting. This theme runs throughout the cab and rear passengers are treated to equally sumptuous seating with the emphasis on comfort. These strictly limited editions offer an amazing opportunity to become a part of the Land Rover Defender elite. For more information or to start your Arkonik journey, please contact the Arkonik team on 1-800-984-3355 or email

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