Tony Bet of Driving Emotions of Toronto took delivery of the first Canadian 2017 Ford GT directly from the Canadian plant. Driving Emotions has built some of Canada's most exclusive vehicles, this Ford GT being one of them. Also, Tony Bet is known as the man behind Drake's cars. Does this mean we will be seeing Drake behind the wheel of this specific GT? We'll just have to wait and see. As for this specific car itself, here are the details. Tony Bet decided to have his GT finished in Frozen White with Lightning Blue stripes. Matching the stripes are the blue brake calipers, finishing off the icy look of the American supercar.

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Inside is the Re-Entry option with: Ebony/White leather seats, Alcantara pillars, roof, and seat inserts; matte carbon fiber door panels, registers, and console.
Other options include the exposed carbon fiber exterior option, six-point harness anchors, titanium lugs and 20-inch aluminum wheels. Check out all of the incredible images of this Ford GT in the images below.

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