As a young child, I remember a theme park ride that promised a voice-controlled world by the end of the 90's. The premise was that your life would be easier by voice commands to various appliances and systems. Now that our phones have the ability to interpret our every need, it's time for cars to catch up. Engineers at Mercedes-Benz rose to the challenge, and they efforts will debut on the 2018 E-Series. LINGUATRONIC is the voice control system that has the ability to interpret 22 languages. A press release early this morning outlines the new features.

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In addition to the normal navigation and phone commands, the system is now interfaced with vehicle controls. A logical upgrade of the system, it allows for climate, lighting, seats, and 450 individual actions to be controlled by the driver. Since many manufacturers have valued appearance over functionality, trying to make a change to audio or A/C poses a major distraction. Thankfully, Mercedes-Benz knows the Autobahn is a bad place to be reaching for the seat heater. Keep your hands on the wheel and enjoy the different responses to each command. To give the system a human touch, Linguatronic will answer in the affirmative in various ways. Other new options for the E-Class will be a 12.3" center screen. It aligns with the driver's screen to create a seamless display. Twin USB ports for the rear passengers will keep devices charged. And a new trunk closure responds to a gentle tap after unloading groceries. The new E-Class will arrive soon, so check with our dealers for more information and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz news.