Well, we knew it was going to happen soon, but now we have a date. On August 31, 2017, the Conner Assembly Plant will close says ClickOnDetroit.com. Along with the plant's closure, the production of the Viper SRT & GTS and V10 engine will cease. As of right now, 87 employees are currently employed at the Conner Assembly Plant. Fortunately, FCA will reportedly be offering the employees positions at other locations. I first reported that the Viper could be facing an end to its production come 2017 all the way back on October 23, 2015. Since 1992, the Conner Assembly Plant has produced over 30,000 Vipers. In 2012, Dodge reintroduced the Viper back into the SRT lineup with the model that is currently being produced. Since the beginning of 2016, Dodge has introduced limited edition Viper models for the final year, reopened ordering for the model and even had the largest group delivery of Vipers, ever. It's been a roller coaster, but it will all come to an end on August 31.