The new Audi R8 and TT may already look aggressive as ever when it rolls off of the production block, but the new Audi Sport Performance Parts take the two sports cars to a whole new level. These new components include new pieces for the suspension, exhaust system, exterior and interior. “With the Audi Sport Performance Parts we are tapping into a new business segment,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “Our wealth of experience garnered over many years of building sports cars is incorporated into every component we offer. Along with our expertise from motor racing, which is still the best test bed for volume production.”

Audi R8

The most noteworthy, or most noticeable, parts that are being offered have to be the new aero kits. The new kits add a large rear fixed wing, splitters, canards, vents and more. When installed, the kits not only make the R8 and TT look better than ever, but also allow to car to produce almost double the downforce at 93.2 mph. What good is a mean looking Audi sports car if it doesn't sound mean? Well, that's where the new ultralight muffle made of titanium comes in. None other than Akrapovic made these this new exhaust system, so you know it sounds as brutal as ever.

Audi TT RS

For the suspension are the new two- or three-way coilover suspension systems. Now, you can't have a good suspension system without new wheels, so Audi Sport Performance now offers full-milled, black 20-inch wheels that drop the car's weight by 15.9 lbs on the TT and 17.6 lbs on the R8. Joining the wheels are new brake linings that are less prone to wear, as well as fluorescent red, titanium carrying plates for the brakes. Inside, the Audi Sport Performance Parts offer a new Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel, carbon fiber reinforced plastic paddle shifters, and a strut cross brace made specifically for the TT (replacing the rear seats).