With the ever-growing market for crossovers and mid-size SUVs, the market for big sedans is becoming intensely competitive. A new 2018 Audi A8 has been promised for a while. but it looks like they were making sure it was ready to shock the world. In a press release early this morning, the details of their new flagship are outlined. Starting with the most obvious, a new design language sets a precedent for the lesser models to follow. The grille is much larger and more angular. This helps to give the luxury car a more imposing look while hiding the autonomous driving sensors in plain sight.

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That's right, the new A8 will arrive with three autonomous modes. Garage will get you out on the street, parking will find the perfect spot, and traffic jam uses laser scanners to map the masses around you. Both the long and short wheelbase versions have grown in length, so to keep them as agile as a compact sedan, all wheel steering is now standard. The suspension is now fully electric, incorporating 48-volt solenoids to cushion your ride. If your feet become weary on a long trip, hop in the optional relaxation seat. The right rear seat is loaded with HD matrix reading lamps, heat, and a FOOT MASSAGER!. Yes, Shiatsu in the passenger seatback will soothe your soles while your driver takes in the aroma. A wireless control pad with OLED display is stored in the rear center console, and it can do everything from climate control to private phone calls [soliloquy id="119180"] At long last, the dash is all digital. A 10.1" touchscreen has the same gloss as the dash, so it disappears when not needed. Another screen on the center console controls the infotainment and climate, and both of them have haptic feedback. Under the hood are the familiar 4.0 Liter V8 or the 6.0 Liter W12, both with twin turbocharging. Also mentioned is the upcoming A8 L e-tron hybrid. While it won't be available as soon as the others, it will arrive with wireless charging with 31 miles of electric range. The press release also dives deep into technical achievements that keep German engineers awake at night. What they boil down to, is an incredibly safe & luxurious sedan that raises the bar for everyone else. If the new car seems overwhelming, we have great deals on new Audi A8 and A8 L sedans for sale, and they are priced to move before the new cars arrive. We will offer a full review once they cross the pond, so stay with us for more Audi news. [soliloquy id="119170"]