Regardless of your age or location, everyone seems to have an opinion of the Chrysler Pacifica. It was the first vehicle from Daimler-Chrysler, and it has been in production since 2004. It wasn't quite a Daimler or a Chrysler, so the public accepted it as something unique; a nice alternative to the minivan.
Times have changed, and now the crossover market has almost killed the traditional minivan. Or at least we thought so...For the 2017 model year, Fiat-Chrysler have released an all-new Pacifica, as a minivan. They are practical, and the two massive doors make it easy to load up the family. And if you are considering one, why not buy it from the people who invented it.

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Following the new trend of onboard chargers, the 2017 Pacifica Hybrid has a 6.6 kW unit to keep the batteries ready to go. The display shows the state of charge along with regenerative braking percentages. Even at 0% battery, a few minutes of stop & go traffic will put some juice back into the system. Two-tone white & black leather makes the interior appealing to the eyes. The downside is a full-length sunroof that turns the cabin into a sweatbox. Even with the A/C blowing full blast, the volume of hot air is too much for sunny Florida.
Another quirk is the rotary shifter. While rolling it is possible to easily go Neutral and use the adjacent door controls to open both side doors in motion. If you need to jettison something incriminating while on the move, the Pacifica is our choice. 2nd-row passengers have individual climate controls above the doors, and both seats have their own HDMI inputs to keep them entertained. The infotainment system can handle 3 different inputs, two through headphones and the primary is sent to 13 Alpine speakers. All the goodies like park assist, 360* surround view and active cruise control are standard on the Platinum models. Rated at 32 mpg on gas and 84 mpg in fully charged city driving, it carries a price tag of $47,885.
Driving the Pacifica is quiet and rewarding. The heavy hybrid gear is mounted very low in the chassis, which makes it corner better than you would imagine. The cargo area is also capable of hauling plywood and tools, making it perfect for the handyman. Put a Surge in the cupholder and get ready to relive the 90's! And as always, stay with us for more retro reviews.