Are you tired of looking at a regular old phone screen? Well, I've got some good news for you. RED, the company known for creating some of the most incredible cameras in the world, has announced the Hydrogen One. What is the Hydrogen One? Oh, you know, just a smartphone with a hydrogen holographic display. No VR goggles required. Welcome to the future. The 5.7-inch display can switch between 2D and 3D content in both landscape and portrait modes, a first for the phone market. As far as how this technology will look, we don't have any videos or pictures of the screen. Instead, we just have a photo of the back of the phone. Along with the holographic display, the Hydrogen One has a modular system that will allow the installation of new components. So, if RED comes out with more powerful components, instead of buying a whole new phone the user can just buy the modular piece and install it. RED says the future attachments will include components for the shooter higher quality images. The RED Hydrogen One will be available in Aluminum ($1,195) and Titanium ($1,595). You can order one here.