Winds of change are blowing across the factories of Mercedes-Benz. The 4.0 liter V8 that was first introduced in the AMG GT is replacing the old familiar 5.5 liter engine. While some models made the transition without much notice, something special was needed for the iconic Gelandewagen. The market for 4WD luxury is a numbers game, so the notion of losing 1.5 liters of displacement could potentially hurt sales, so a host of upgrades have accompanied a detuned version of the C63 AMG's V8. We've extolled the virtues of the G500 4×4² when it was first released, but Top Gear has a knack for putting things into perspective. So Chris Harris decided to take the new G Wagon to a series of formidable tests. I would be hesitant to cross a creek in the previous models, because the low mounted turbos might not like the water. But since the new engine mounts the turbos up top, it can handle almost 40" of standing water....Oregon Trail anyone? The portal axles are wider which makes for a more stable ride. More axle travel and articulation also provides more comfort than any other example. Each corner has dual-reservoir coil overs that might seem like overkill, but they keep the body composed over rocks and on the street. Setups like this are often found on expensive aftermarket builds, but knowing it comes from the factory offers a nice peace of mind. If you want the most power, the G63 AMG and G65 AMG are still around, but they can't do trick like this! Stay with us for all your Mercedes & AMG news.