If you thought hybrid-powered hypercars were just a fad, get ready to be amazed. Instead of adding Formula 1 technology to a production car, Mercedes-AMG turned to their race teams to build what's essentially a street legal F1 car called the Project ONE. A 1.6-liter V6 is coupled to four electric motors and the latest in battery technology. It spins to 11,000 rpm to make around 700 horsepower. Two motors up front power each wheel independently, and a the main motor/generator is attached to the engine. The fourth motor sits between the turbine and compressor of the turbocharger. It uses battery or regenerated power to provide boost in any situation.
This might seem like a perpetual motion machine, but the technology comes directly from the racetrack. As a fitting tribute to AMG's 50th anniversary, only 275 cars will be produced. Each one will offer 1,000 horsepower and 20 miles of electric cruising. Reaching 60 mph in around 2.6 seconds, the top speed will be north of 217 mph.
Batteries are borrowed from the Petronas F1 team, and doubled in quantity to provide 800 volts to the hybrid system. Twice the voltage saves weight by using smaller cables and motors. Launch control will have you at 124 mph in under 6 seconds, so get ready for a wild ride. Maybe it's time to get your CLK GTR ready for a new owner, so stay with us for more Mercedes-AMG updates.