Drag racers who are looking for a perfect launch will always make sure the tires are hot. This is done by holding the front brakes and spinning the rear tires. The aftermarket has offered kits that do this by interrupting brake fluid to the rear to keep them open, but it can be easily done through the ABS system thanks to clever programming. To make the Mustang more capable at the drag strip, the line lock has been a feature of the V8 powered GT models for a few years. Bean counters in Dearborn have discovered its more expensive to offer different programming on the same car, so now the tire shredding technology will be available to all 2018 Mustangs. A press release this morning states it will be offered with automatic or manual transmissions on V8, V6, and four-cylinder EcoBoost models. No, it doesn't allow for smokey launches, because the brakes are only released once the tires stop spinning. It will help with traction at the expense of your rubber. The EcoBoost doesn't exactly leave in a hurry, so a brake-boosted launch system would be perfect. The Mustang was built for competition, with one of the most advanced rear suspensions on the market. Thankfully the line lock has a time limit of 15 seconds because pushing street tires beyond that might pop a sidewall. We can't wait to get our hands on one so we can crank the steering wheel for a proper doughnut. Until then, check out the YouTube upload from Ford and keep the racing at the track. If you are in the market for blue oval performance, check out these new Mustangs for sale and stay with us for all your afFORDable news.