Big British sedans were once a blank canvas for the famous coachbuilders. Craftsmen like Park Ward and Mulliner raised the bar for the industry before they were absorbed into the fold of the big automakers. Out of respect for the old world traditions, Bentley's Mulliner division is offering a nice compliment of upgrades for the Flying Spur. In a press release this morning, we first notice the lack of the Continental name. It looks as if the confusion is over. The Flying Spur was a sedan version of the Continental when it launched in 2005. They share the same chassis, but we're glad its finally marketed as its own model. Semantics aside, Mulliner has delivered some nice touches. The first use of titanium-infused carbon fiber trim for the interior, it does without mentioning the inventor of the composite, but thank you Mr. Pagani! The five color choices are limited to Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, Kingfisher, White, and Azure Purple. It will be available on all four Flying Spur Models: V8, W12, V8 S and W12 S. Only 100 cars will be produced, with the top level W12 S receiving a murdered out chrome package. No mention was made on how many cars we allotted for the US, but our dealers will have all the details.So if you are looking for a new Flying Spur for sale, we have a few to choose from. And stay with us for all your Bentley updates.