I don't know about you, but my Aston Martin Vulcan just seems too ordinary in traffic. So I am glad to hear the good news! The performance-minded wizards at Aston Martin Racing have a developed a comprehensive upgrade package for all 24 Vulcans. AMR is planning to show it in action at Goodwood tonight. If you missed the 24 Hours of LeMans, AMR dominated the GTE class for a first place finish. Taking some of the magic of the Vantage GTE and applying it to the track-only Vulcan, the first issue to be addressed was the transmission. Shorter gear ratios will keep the big V12 in its power band. Trading a little top speed for acceleration is always a fun experience.
Aerodynamics were the most obvious change. The nose has dive planes that will make a Viper ACR stop and take notice. A lower front splitter and vents in the fenders will keep the front end sucked to the track. Out back is a double decker spoiler that could seat a dinner party. Gurney flaps on each end help the total package to deliver a whopping 2,950 lb-ft of downforce.....For comparison, the LeMans winning Vantage GTE makes only 2,289! Not only does the Vulcan AMR Pro have more grip, it is better balanced. The center of pressure is closer to the center of the car, which will make for confidence in the corners.
The first few cars are undergoing the transformation, which is being performed by Q by Aston Martin. No mention of price was made, but contact our dealers for more information.The opening events of Goodwood 2017 will begin shortly, so look for it on YouTube and stay with us for all your Aston Martin updates.