Texas is larger than most nations of the world, which is why it is also home to some very fast cars. If you find yourself on Interstate 10 on the west side of Houston, don't challenge anyone to a race. That's because the Exorcist Camaro will have you begging for mercy. Hennessey's rebuke of the Dodge Demon is based on the Camaro ZL1. The transformation involves new cylinder heads, monster camshaft, a new supercharger and high flow stainless headers.  Lifters and pushrods are also replaced in order reach a higher redline.
The result is 1,000 horsepower at the crank and a subtle nature when cruising. To show just how tame the Exorcist really is, John took us on an interstate ride to explain the ordering process. Hennessey Performance is not a Chevrolet dealer, but they receive new cars directly from the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant. You can send your new Camaro ZL1 to Texas, or the salespeople at Hennessey will be happy to work with your local dealer to spec-out your new ride.
Yes, Camaros are still built to order and certain options are crucial to beating the latest from Mopar. The 10-speed automatic transmission keeps the supercharger in its powerband above 4,000 rpm, making us stick shift driver pay for the privilege of a 3rd pedal. Sit back and watch the Exorcist point to the heavens at the top of each gear and listen to the blower scream. If you want to leave highway traffic standing still, click here for more details and stay with us for more updates from Hennessey Performance.