If you have been looking for a weekend project, stop browsing and start building your own McLaren 12C. To show customers the advanced underpinnings of the 12C, McLaren built 35 examples without a body so the innovations could be seen. In addition to lacking any body panels, the sway bars are also missing. That's because the Super Series which includes every upper-level car from the 12C to the 720S uses advanced hydraulics for roll control. Doing away with two heavy pieces of spring metal not only saves weight, it divorces the left and right wheels when it comes to bumpy roads.
If you are wondering about the vacant space ahead of the cockpit, the chassis was designed to be modular in order to accommodate all-wheel-drive and hybrid powertrains like the McLaren P1. If the engine is just a mockup, there is ample room in front or back to mount your LS swap. No detail was overlooked to keep the center of gravity as low as possible, and the exhaust running over the transmission is ready to throw flames.
Lake Forest Sportscars is offering this chassis with a VIN for only $79,900. By far the cheapest new McLaren on the market, it deserves to be part of a collection before someone drops a Fiero body on it and hits the track. Tell us if it would make a good Outlaw 10.5 car or should it be saved for posterity in the comments below, and stay with us for all your McLaren news.

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