Uh oh, it looks like somebody was behind the scenes and managed to captured some footage of the new Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar. The video was taken at Aston Martin's Art and Lifestyle event, and it shows the interior for the first time. Inside the Valkyrie, we see a cockpit that is most certainly designed for the driver. Its steering wheel looks like it was pulled right from a Formula 1 car, which will more than likely allow the driver to adjust a myriad of functions that the car provides. Interesting enough, there is no instrument cluster to be found, leaving me to assume gauges will be displayed on the steering wheel or on the large screen that rests in front of the passenger's seat. It should be noted that this is most likely not a 100% representation of what the production version will look like. However, this model's exterior is definitely different when compared to that of the concept car that was present some time ago.