Hennessey Performance has fired some direct shots at Bugatti, saying their new Venom F5 hypercar will be a direct competitor for the new Chiron for being the world's fastest production series super sports car. “We are very excited about our F5 and that it brings forth an all-new design and chassis to achieve even higher performance through improved aerodynamics and technology,” said company founder and CEO, John Hennessey. “The best way I can describe the Venom F5 is that it is sophisticated aggression on wheels. We look forward to sharing F5 with the world later this year.” The name of the new Venom F5 comes from the designation for the fastest tornado on Earth, the F5 tornado. These tornadoes have speeds between 260 mph and 318 mph, and Hennessey Performance is aiming to have the Venom F5 reach speeds of up to 300 mph. Hennessey Performance is already well underway when it comes to the development of the Venom F5. In fact, they have already established Hennessey Special Vehicles, a new company, that will design, develop, build and sell the new hypercar. “This is a new chapter in an all new book,” said Hennessey.  “F5 will be exceptionally American and built in Texas.  We look forward to sharing more details about our special hypercar very soon.”