Dealers and custom shops make nice profits customizing new cars. Land Rover has an image to uphold, so for a long time they have limited the number of bespoke builds coming from the factory. The full-size Range Rover model has several parts that are often changed to suit the owner's taste, so the Special Vehicle Operations is responding to the trends. A press release last night outlined the enhancements to the body. Before we give you the details, think about how many Sport model you see in comparison to the Full Size? We think the little brother might be outshining the elder. Starting at the front, a new grille and aggressive front bumper make the fog lights stand out and the splitter makes it look ready for LeMans. New fender vents flow down into sleek rocker panels running the length of the cabin. Those lines follow into a new rear bumper with quad exhaust tips. The pipes are separated by a diffuser that will hopefully make better use of air under the body. The SVO Design Pack was engineered and aero-tested at the new Jaguar/Land Rover SVO Technical Centre in Coventry, and they have made sure it fits all short wheelbase Full-Size Range Rovers back to 2013. We know what you're thinking...This is not a trick to get you into the dealership so you will check out a new Range Rover for sale. It's proof that Land Rover is keeping its finger on the pulse of the industry. If you are interested in this new option, find your closest dealer here and stay with us for all your Land Rover news. [soliloquy id="118137"]