Tesla may have a hold on the electric car market, but OjO Electric is taking over the electric scooter market with their smart no license required, light electric vehicle. LEV for short, OjO debuted recently at CES® and was rated as one of the top six new tech items for 2017, and the people at CES know a thing or two about electronics.
The OjO LEV is a bike lane-friendly, zero emissions way of transport for adults. Yes, this smart scooter was designed with the average adult in mind and can support 300+ pounds. How? Each of these LEVs have a heavy gauge all-welded aluminum chassis. Combine this lightweight, yet sturdy, chassis with its HyperGear motor and gear system, interactive touchscreen control & entertainment center with dual Bluetooth speakers and you’re in for a fun and efficient mode of travel. The OjO LEV is a great option too for those who have experienced riding the Razor Pocket Mod Belleza electric scooter. The OjO LEV has a much modern look, a lighter frame, and a better handling. But the Razor's outshine the latter with a more classic style suited for comfortable and safer riding.
Each OjO LEV can travel up to 20 mph and has a distance of 25 on just a single charge of the battery. Owners can charge this battery with a patented on-board charger with a retractable cord that can plug into any standard 110V wall outlet. When charged and out for a ride, the 500-watt motor can perform outstandingly, even on hills up to 15% grade. What's more, riders are given three speed modes: Eco Mode for beginners, Touring Mode for distance, and Sport Mode for those looking for speed.
No matter which mode you pick, your speed will be displayed on the non-glare touchscreen. Other important information is displayed on this touchscreen, like current and historical distance, as well as the controls for the lighting and sound. Riders looking for a bit more can pick a few extras, including the dual integrated waterproof Bluetooth speakers, voice response system, LED front and rear lights, a USB port for charging phone, a motion activated alarm, wireless key fob and a patented removable seat system that converts the scooter into a stand up only experience. Interested in travelling around town in a new, stylish and economical way? You can order your OjO LEV in one of seven colors: bright white, matte black, skyblue, rose gold, matte graphite, vibrant orange, and a street art style. Each are price at $1,999 and are available for order at ojoscooter.com, Amazon, and Best Buy. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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