Art in the digital realm has unlocked new ways for artists to express themselves. And yesterday at the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing, BMW unveiled their latest Art Car. Taking inspiration from the latest M6 GT3, artist Cao Fei has incorporated virtual and augmented reality for her masterpiece. It is meant to show the rapid changes taking place in Chinese society, with an optimistic look to the future. it consists of three main components. A video introduces a time-traveling spiritualist who connects past with present. The augmented reality demonstration is viewed through a dedicated smartphone app. And finally the carbon black BMW M6 GT3. When combined, these components make for a symphony of light and sound. The time traveling practitioner blesses the car and involves spectators to participate. These work to evoke a higher sensory state, to show what the eyes can't see and the mind can't imagine. This is the 18th BMW art car and by far the most Avant-Garde example of an automotive expression. Working with designers at BMW headquarters, the project took 3 years to complete. It is a fitting tribute to the M6 before it leaves us for a while. The new M8 will undoubtedly evoke a new series of emotions that will be captured in the next art car. So stay with us for all your BMW news. [soliloquy id="117637"]