If you or your loved ones find yourselves at the mercy of a Demon, John Hennessey's latest creation will bring forth a deliverance. He teased us a few weeks ago with the name and photos, leaving many to speculate about the details of the build. So in a YouTube upload last night, The Exorcist was strapped to the dyno to measure its power. Dropping a monster cam into the 6.2 liter LT4 would be more than enough to deal with your in-laws or possibly an ex who is off their medication, but something unprecedented is needed to rebuke Dodge's evil creation. Roots superchargers are all the rage because they include the intercooler in a convenient location in the engine valley. But even the most well-engineered examples are limited by their physical size.

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That is why Hennessey Performace took a page from the history book and worked with ProCharger to make the largest centrifugal blower we've ever seen. The matte black monster is mounted above the steering column and it sends boost to a front-mounted intercooler that is larger than your radiator. It feeds a carbon-fiber tunnel ram intake that looks like something out of Formula1. No detail was overlooked, as a Crucifix can be found in the graphics and hanging from the rear view mirror. You probably have the Demon's horsepower and torque memorized by now, but those readings were at the flywheel, not the ground. If you factor in drivetrain losses, The Exorcist is among the most powerful cars in the world. Click here to learn more, and stay with us for all your Hennessey updates!