Since the early 2000's, Lamborghini has been running with a two-model lineup. It really started with the Gallardo/Murcielago duo, with one being a more entry level model and the other being the flagship. Currently, we have the Huracan and Aventador duo, which will soon be joined by the Urus SUV. This will bring the number of models in their lineup up to three. However, CarAdvice is reporting that Lamborghini will be going for a four model lineup in 2023. This new was given to CarAdvice by Stefano Domenicali, CEO at Lamborghini. He noted that when the current wave is completed around 2022-2023, a fourth model will be on the table. However, what this fourth model will be is unknown, but a model that would sit under the likes of the Huracan is being considered. Additionally, CarAdvice's article notes that the "brand's history will serve as an inspiration" for the potential fourth model. Could it look similar to the Countach, Diablo or Miura? Who knows! Unfortunately, 2023 is quite a ways out and a lot can change between then and now. Be sure to stay with us for more information on a potential fourth Lamborghini model.

The History of Lamborghini 1964-2015: All Car Models