If you are looking for the world's most efficient full-size sedan, you will need tickets to China. To stay on the cutting edge of an ever-changing market, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a fresh face and new power for their flagship Sonderklasse. All the new systems mentioned in the press release are in all caps in bold, but we will tone them down for your perusal. The new interior is now all-LED with 64 color choices. Two 12.3" screens display all the information, and now they have 3 display modes to suit your mood. A new steering wheel has touch sensitive pads like those found on smartphones. This allows the driver to use thumb gestures for control while steering.
If you prefer your car to have a holistic approach to wellness, the comfort and ambiance features have been combined into Energizing Comfort Control. It combines massaging with fragrances, ambient lighting, soothing music, and the climate control system to provide for whatever mood you find yourself in. It also has the ability to change based on your music. The system listens to the beats per minute (bpm) and determines what settings you need. Our first test of this system will involve Ramstein & Daft Punk.

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Big changes under the hood involve the long-awaited 48-volt electrical system. It can transmit power more efficiently than the traditional 12-volt wiring. It is used to power the water pump, A/C compressor, power steering, and a new starter/alternator. This innovation has the ability to use excess power to spin an electric supercharger. The system will debut on the new inline six-cylinder models, but it's unclear if it will make it to the US. We will initially have two flavors of the 4.0-liter twin turbo V8. Being the last Mercedes Class to adopt the 4.0, it will be rated at 469 hp and 516 lb-ft in the S560. Big brother AMG S63 will offer 612 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. Does this imply a bleak future for the S65? We're not sure, but it might be limited to Maybach models. The new Mercedes S-Class will be released in Europe in July, so as soon as we have more info you will see it here. [soliloquy id="117482"]