Gateway Bronco has burst onto the Ford Bronco building scene, turning heads with their highly customizable options, proprietary solutions, 60-day delivery guarantee and industry-leading, bumper-to-bumper warranty of up to five years. Whoa. But it’s their passion for preserving and sympathetically restoring each Bronco with a customer-focused approach that’s truly separating them from other builders.
Gateway Bronco owner Seth Burgett’s Consumer-Centric Design is on full display with this beautiful Brittany Blue 1972 RestoMod Fuelie™. Featuring a fuel-injected 347 stroker engine, 5-speed manual transmission, customized leather interior, a Holly Sniper EFI, LED performance lights and a GT350 sport steering wheel, this truck underwent a nut and bolt, frame-off restoration that catered to the buyer’s exact specifications and showcased extraordinary attention to detail.
“Consumer-Centric Design is an in-depth process that begins with a set of questions to understand how the buyer plans to use their Bronco,” Burgett said.  “Either through a phone call or a complimentary trip to meet with them one-on-one, we work with the buyer and their family to decide colors, materials and custom design elements. Gateway Bronco attempts to make every build a concierge build, making the process an enjoyable experience and ensuring we deliver exactly what the buyer wants.”
Additional features on this build include powered running boards, a custom alarm and a sound system acoustically designed specifically for the unique interior of a Bronco and then tuned for the buyer’s specific preferences in music genre. Specialized customizations were required to accommodate the buyer’s tall athletic physique, including moving the seat position back six inches, creating custom ergonomics for the shift lever and designing and installing a custom roll bar.  The finishing touch: A customized plaque affixed to the dash commemorating the buyer’s first Bronco.
“With a base price of $80,000 for the RestoMod Fuelie™, our buyers have told us they can’t believe the incredible value,” Burgett said. “At that price point, they are able to add a lot more customizable features that really personalize their vehicle and make it their own.” Discovered in Yuma, Ariz., near the Mexico border, this Bronco formerly featured original paint and a hard top with a strong running 302 and automatic transmission.  The truck was rust free with only minor dents and dings, and the original sheet metal was in excellent condition.
“We drove the Bronco from Yuma to St. Louis, about 1,800 miles,” Burgett said. “Ear plugs and headphones were required. It registered 92 decibels going down the highway! This trip was the early beginnings to our Stop the Noise™ proprietary design.” In addition to Gateway Bronco’s Stop the Noise™ guarantee, which reduces vibrations and excess vehicle noise, the company also offers a proprietary Stop the Rust™ guarantee to protect and preserve vehicles from rust deterioration.
Burgett’s background as an award-winning engineer and a Six Sigma Black Belt helps apply world-class quality controls to each Bronco built. The company’s innovative two-month delivery schedule is made possible by producing trucks the way Henry Ford envisioned – on a production line using production techniques Burgett first implemented in military aircraft with McDonnell Douglas. Visit for more information about their highly customizable options and to schedule a meeting to learn how you can make your Bronco dream a reality.

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