Today, we bring you an incredible review of the new 2018 Lexus LC 500 by Ben Wayne. He's been reading duPont REGISTRY since he was in 2nd grade and has been an automotive enthusiast for just about his entire life. As an Aerospace Engineer, he's very familiar with the mechanical aspects found in a car. With his passion and knowledge surrounding cars, it's fitting that he's started reviewing cars. For his latest review, he's chosen the aforementioned LC 500, which was also featured on the cover of our June issue. Lexus has been in need of something new in the showroom, so the boss issued a challenge to his engineers and stylists. Akio Toyoda's Lexus Challenge was answered in the form of a new V8 powered sports coupe called the LC 500. The body and chassis are a clean-sheet design, and they have the best traits of a modern touring car. First off, an aluminum body is draped over high strength steel for a low center of gravity and years of corrosion resistance. The 5.0 liter V8 is mounted just behind the front wheels for a proper weight distribution. A totally independent suspension has cast aluminum shock towers, which are much lighter compared to a steel unibody. Nalley Lexus in Roswell, GA ordered a stunning white example with red interior, and Ben Wayne decided to give this example a proper review on his Facebook page.

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A real treat is waiting inside. Lexus took a step back from their avant-garde interiors to combine elegance and functionality. Heated and cooled Alcantara seats have tall side bolsters for comfortable cornering. The passenger seat has grab handles on the door panel and dash, while the driver gets a plush steering wheel. Thankfully, Lexus has moved away from using the same switches and controls as its stablemates, because the LC needed to be all new. We're also happy it wasn't built to accommodate AWD. No compromises inside or out are what the public demands of a luxury coupe, so it will be nice to see how the competition responds. We want to thank Ben Wayne for sending us his review and encourage him to keep up the awesome work. If you have a car review of your own, be sure to send it to our Facebook page or email us.

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